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Abhishek Venkitaraman Iyer 
Monday, 9. September 2013 06:52  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hello Uncle and Aunty..
Well.. before coming to Karlsruhe,i had never been in a domestic flight..and i flew for the first time in life and that too, to a distant land-Germany,my mom had many concerns before coming here, one of them being food..and i can hardly cook.But i told them about you and she was very happy that i have someone to look upto in a foreign land, my friends Bishal and Ajay(last year DAAD students) already gave me the link to your website, before coming here, and they were all praise for you people, and it was true. I really salute this selfless service of yours and i appreciate the efforts made by you and Aunty to make us feel like we are at home. Delicious food,Great people, and a little laughter, a perfect recipe in this alien land. We all had a great time at your place really enjoyed ourselves.
The next time i hear the word "Karlsruhe", "Kunchiwala Uncle and Aunty" will be the first thing which i remember.
Thanks for all the memories, which we all will take back to India.

With Loads of love and respect,
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