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Friday, 22. August 2014 05:13
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Tuesday, 28. August 2007 15:52  Write a comment Send E-mail

Thank you for your site. I have found here much useful information.
Good site ! ;)
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Thursday, 16. August 2007 16:36  Write a comment Send E-mail

Dear uncle,
Many many happy returns of the day.....
Convey my regard to aunty...
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Anu Thomas 
Thursday, 16. August 2007 15:09  Write a comment

Dear Uncle and Aunty,

The new layout of ur webpage is very attractive and funny. The animation effects are very good. I enjoyed playing with circles in pages. Convey my congrats to Marion and her friend.
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Amit Kulkarni 
Austin Texas
Thursday, 16. August 2007 00:48  Write a comment

Hello Kunchiwala Uncle,
Many Many Happy returns of the day!
How are you all?
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Niraj Joshi 
Wednesday, 15. August 2007 22:45  Write a comment Send E-mail

Dear Ashok Uncle,

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day !!!!!


Happy Independence Day

with best regards,

Niraj n Rajni
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Mandar Perekar 
Tuesday, 14. August 2007 08:02  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hello uncle and aunty...........

it was a great pleasure meeting such a wonderful people like you.......
you really made me feel as if I was at my home.......

I really dont have words to express my I think just saying "thank you" wont be enough.........

A person in a foreign country is always in search of a helping hand of someone of his own and thats exactly
what you provide him with,and that too with no intension of gaining something out of it.

I have met a very few people in my life who care about others,look for solving their difficulties even though they
havn't met each other before.

"Hats off" to you both for your efforts put in helping and supporting the needful ..........

I wish a you both a happy life and look forward to meet u whenever I come to Germany.

Best Regards

Mandar Perekar
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Kunal Nima 
Mumbai India
Monday, 13. August 2007 09:13  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hello Uncle and Aunty,

I had heard in my childhood people saying:
I always had a curiousity to understand this saying in real terms.And then came the day when I actually felt it when I visited you.
If any one asks mean please give us the Defination of Humanity my answer will be:THE KUNCHIWALA FAMILY.
The word thanks is not for you both uncle because by saying thanks one tends to forget the help one receives from others and the thing which you do for the Indians in Karlsruhe is much above the word thanks.
Long live Uncle and Aunty.BE happy always.
Yours truly,
Kunal N.
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Friday, 10. August 2007 22:40  Write a comment Send E-mail

Dear Uncle and aunty..,

We are falling short of words to describe the time we spent with you'll,
you'll went all out of the way to make us comfortable and to make it a memorable visit which we will be remembering throughout our lifetime.

In years to come our memory of the places we visited might fade, but the time spent with you'll has been embedded into our thoughts and hearts.

On our return journey few of us were in tears, not that our trip was coming to end, but for the reason that we were driving away from you'll. On the other side we were happy too that we got in touch with such wonderful persons. we could continue to stay in touch and would be happy to get in touch/meet wherever & whenever possible in near future.

Wishing you'll a wonderful time always, with all our prayers.

With lots of love,
Valiavila Family

Today we are leaving for India with wonderful memories of our stay in Germany specially the days we spent with you'll..
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Arpan Mukherjee 
Tuesday, 31. July 2007 23:50  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hello all,
this is last day of work in Germany and i take this oppurtunity to write about two of the most jovial and interesting people that u can come across in ur lifetime.When i was about to come to Karlsruhe for my internship,i googled for 'Indians in Karlsruhe',just to get an idea if ther were ny living there.And guess what, the first hit was ''.i decided to chk the site out and was amazed to see someone who keeps such a large database of Indians visiting Karlsruhe.The site was really helpful for me as i contacted some of the students from IIT Madras who had visited Karlsruhe and got useful info abt the place from them.Then i got in touch with Uncle and Aunty and to say that they were just helpful would be an understatement.Once i arrived in Germany,they got in touch with me rather than me contacting them(which was ob'ly my fault).they helped me,pankaj and sharad throughout our stay in Karlsruhe and helped us when we needed it the most.
Not to talk about the delicious dinner they served us.Their hospitality is beyond any words of praise.I would always remember Uncle's words when i ws about to leave their apartment.They were 'U r like our son and are welcome to knock our door if u require any help'.I m nt sure how many Indians in India leave alone those in Germany can say like that.i feel that Uncle is doin a grt service to his motherland even though he istaying 10,000 km away frm India,at least more than many others who stay in INDIA and keep cribbing abt it.Aunty,i would like to say that u r just grt and i loved ur chocolate cake.may be if i can come back after 2-3 years for my Phd,i can get a chance to meet these u guys again.
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Prof. D. Chandrasekharam 
Wednesday, 4. July 2007 05:13  Write a comment Send E-mail

Dear Eva and Ashokji,

Our Indian Students are lucky to have an "angle couple" in Karlsruhe. I
wonder why and how you developed this philosophy of "service to humanity".
You have a wonderful life partner who supports you. I can not imagine the
kind of satisfaction both of you derive from this relationship with young
minds from India. Very few have this attitude in life and I am happy that I
could spend memorable evenings with both of you. To all my DAAD students,
you are a part of life and you will be remembered for ever.

While your are in Mumbai, please do visit us and it is a pleasure to have
you with us
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Pankaj Attri 
Mumbai , IIT Bombay
Saturday, 30. June 2007 01:41  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi All!
I sholud have written this blog long back but i guess i m very lazy to do that...well now as I am here I should tell you somethings about Uncle and Aunty.
"kunchiwala uncle and Eva aunty".... I didnt expect that I will find such great people who inspite of not knowing me will care so much for me. They invited us for dinner, they phoned us every now and then to make sure we are ok. I have something very special to write about Eva Aunty.
For some time I was sick during my stay in Germany, so I just called aunty and enquired about the doctor and all. And to my greatest surprise aunty came to my place with medicines in half an hour. I dont think one can expect more than this from a person.
Aunty and Uncle you are doing a great work. Thankyou for all the help you provided us with.

Pankaj Attri
Mumbai, IIT Bombay
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sharad kumar jaiswal 
Wednesday, 27. June 2007 20:43  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hello all,

I came to karlsruhe in may 2007 for my summer internship. I was outside of India for the first time and so it was not easy for me to get acquainted with the city and its worse if you are not in English speaking country. I was thinking about how I would survive at the place. then I came to know by one of my Indian friend about one family here in karlsruhe who specially help Indian students to survive in Karlsruhe .I should not say even ‘help’ but they actually ‘host’ Indian students for their whole stay in karlsruhe like their family member.
ofcourse I m talking about no one else but its KUNCHWALA uncle And EVA aunty.

Uncle and aunty, I don’t know how u guys have got these feelings to do this great job, whatever it is but I feel myself lucky after meeting you. Previously I couldn’t expect such warm hospitality and parental love and affection in outside India, not even in Germany but you fellows proved me wrong.

Now I am leaving on 1st of july and I am carrying German Tales with me to tell my buddies in India but I think the most inspiring tale would of you.

It goes without saying that I surely miss the time spent with you fellows but I am happy also because now my family has extended from India to Karlsruhe 

For Uncle only: uncle aapke saath wo balcony me jake cigarette pina humesha yaad rahega.i wish I f I could join you in future also  :P

For Eva Aunty only:aunty u are very talkative but not boring i enjoyed talking with you all the time..can u search a german Girl like you for me :P

Thanks for all things!

Bye Uncle! Bye Aunty!

Your’s Sharad.

Sharad Kumar Jaiswal,
Senior Undergraduate,
Chemical Engineering,
IIT Bombay.
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Balaji Muralidharan 
Wednesday, 30. May 2007 06:21  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hello again,
Think I got too much emotional while writing the guestbook .. and hence the typos ..
'Under the loving care and guidance' and
'a Simple thanks wouldnt suffice'


Balaji Muralidharan
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Saurabh Chandra 
Gorakhpur, U.P., India
Wednesday, 30. May 2007 06:20  Write a comment Send E-mail

Dearest Uncle and Aunty,
While writing this guest book, I am just thinking that there have been so many sweet memories.
I want to write all of them. may be I have to write many pages.
But still something will be left behind. Because its difficult to express all those nice moments in just a few words. still I will try to write a few.
Coming to a new place; a new country; new culture; everything new and unknown seemed to be very difficult in beginning; but here came our guardians on day one only to help us with all of their efforts and all of their love. they are not only our guardians but also: two of our best friends.
Showing not only the way to live here in a better way, but also teaching us at each and every point what to do and how to do. Helping in our official works, giving the requisite information in time was always great.
they took us to parks, markets, and many nice places: Black forest, Heidelberg, ZKM, Industrial visits.
there is a big list for this. Inviting us to their home every now and then, they used to share lots of love, jokes, lunches, dinners.
and one thing they cook very nice and every time a new item, Indian, German, Italian. there is a big list for the items they gave us.
Coming to our Birthdays with gifts and Cakes (aunty used to make really nice cakes), was all so pleasant

Now, I will like to give a message to visitors of Karlsruhe: all these things that I have written, you will feel only when you come to Karlsruhe and meet this great couple. I should
say, you will really feel, as you were at your home with your friends/Guardians.

thanks a lot for sharing such a nice time. I don't know how to describe you: friends, guardians, teachers.
but i will say you are angels.
Wish you nice health and prosperity.

Saurabh Chandra,
IIT Roorkee
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Balaji Muralidharan 
Wednesday, 30. May 2007 05:53  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hello all ,
It is indeed a privelege to writebout Uncle and Aunty Kunchiwala in this guest book. I happened to visit their place for Diwali. Those were some treasured moments during my nine month long stay in Germany which I will always relish and reminisce. In the midst of the festivites there, I was transported back to India. All my qualms about not getting to meet my family vanished. It was then I came to know more about these nice people.

Uncle and Aunty, for quite som years now, are helping Indian students visitng Germany to get accustomed and settle down. A new guy like me will always feel lost in a new country. I had a pretty difficult time to get a grip on nuances of german life. For example, never put a Euro in those telephone kiosk and expect to get the change back., never ask for just a vegetarian burger, becuase they happily give fish sayin it is vegetarian, never expect to get utensils here, their prices are high enough to buy a lot for ur marriage back home :P.. I had learnt all this.. Learnt it the hard way. And hence I am indeed a bit jealous of Thomas , Kathyayanni and many others who were uder the lovign care and guidance of Kunchiwalas. They had provided them with the precious assitance , given them a home away from home. I was surprised to know the extent of their netwrok across germany. It was like to get a favour from them, all u need to do is to know them.

It is not without a sense of trueness that all call them Uncle and Aunty, ....trueness built from their affection. after meeting them, I can now happily say that I have relatives in Germany....
An Uncle and an Aunty :)..
A simple thanks wouldnt suffix, but still, Vielen Dank
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